Private Helicopter Charter Flight Destinations

Private Helicopter Charter Flight Destinations – Escapes from New York City

Are you tired of being stuck in the constant traffic of New York City or the discomfort of the crowded subways? We have just the right transportation option for you. With helicopter charter service, your skilled and professional pilots can fly you to your destinations with safety, privacy, speed, and comfort. Moreover, you can enjoy spectacular aerial views of NYC and its emblematic landmarks on the way! Whether you are traveling for business or want to escape the city for a weekend at the beach, our luxury flight concierges are standing by to accommodate you.

The most popular helicopter destination is the Hamptons, because let’s be honest, what would be a summer without a trip to the Hamptons? The white-sand beaches and blue water are ideal to relax and take a break from the fast pace of NYC. In less than an hour charter helicopter flight, you can escape to Southampton, Westhampton or Easthampton to relax. Now that’s what we call “skipping traffic”!

If you prefer to discover new landscapes or experience new activities, Fire Island is ideal for you. Smith Point Park offers both a beach with great surf and campgrounds for overnight stay. Get closer to nature while enjoying a walk in Sunken Forest, the hidden woodlands on the barrier beach with winding boardwalks and rustic ranger station. You will also want to climb up the famous, eastern-beach-style lighthouse to enjoy the ocean view and fresh air.

You can escape further north to Nantucket Island, a Massachusetts playground where you will find windswept beaches, sand dunes, blinking lighthouses, and a charming pace of life. Seaside cottages, the world’s former top whaling port, old captain’s mansions, historic harbors, and boutique stores…there are countless things to do there.

We can also fly you to Martha’s Vineyard where you can enjoy boat tours along cliffs or bike rides in Japanese gardens. To escape all the tourists, you can go to Chappaquiddick aboard the “On Time” ferry, where natural beauty and peace can be found among woods, fields, and marshes.

Last but not least, Cape Cod is the best place to spend vacations, even if it’s just for the weekend. There are activities for everybody, from dolphin and whale-watching to kayaking and canoeing. Of course you can also head up to one of the postcard beaches or experience a sightseeing tour.

After a relaxing time, your private charter pilots will fly you safely back to Manhattan while you soar over the greatest vistas only helicopter transportation can offer you.

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