Bell 206L4

The Bell LongRanger IV features wide opening doors and a roomy cabin, accommodating up to six passengers with a cruising speed of 127 mph making it an ideal aircraft for corporate and VIP transport. the LongRanger utilizes the time-tested Rolls-Royce turbine engine. When it comes to safety and reliability, Rolls-Royce is one of the most prestigious, respected, and trusted manufacturers on the planet. This Helicopter is perfectly suited to accessing crowded and hard-to-reach places. We can land in relatively small spaces, enabling access to city centers and remote regions. Whether you are going to a meeting in a busy city or taking a trip to the ski slopes, call us today for all your helicopter charter needs.

Passengers: 5-6
Pilots: 1-2
Engines: 1
Max Cruise Speed: 110 knots
Max Range: 324 nm

 NE3ZA 12


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